About Us

TalktoJesus.com is an initiative of Relationship With Jesus, Inc. – a Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to fostering the knowledge of Christ in a real and personal way.

TalktoJesus, an initiative of Relationship with Jesus, Inc., a non profit 501c3 Corporation

Here at TalktoJesus.com, while we believe in solid principles of morality and righteousness, we also know that our only hope is in the savior, Jesus Christ, who lived here on earth, died as a sacrifice for sin, was raised from the dead to live eternally and to share that eternal life with those who believe in Him.  Only through His sacrifice and His resurrection are we able to commune with God, find forgiveness and peace, enjoy His fullness and continue this joy throughout eternity in the heavenly places.  We also know that He hears and answers our prayers and your prayers are an act of faith in Him.
Jesus is not a concept, nor a book, He is the living Son of God and He is waiting to have a real and eternal bond with you.  Just talk to Him.
As a 501 c3 non profit Corporation, Relationship with Jesus, Inc., uses your tax deductible donations to further our message by translating this website into additional languages and keep to doing so, to share this simple message of truth to all people, everywhere.
Our next efforts will be to translate the website into Hindi and Arabic and others.  If you would like to donate to offset the costs of developing further, you can donate here.